Our Platform

Simplify rate management with our comprehensive platform.

Instant Data Upload

Win the battle with the countless rate spreadsheets and PDF’s you receive from carriers.

Define Local & Global Geographies

Every freight & logistics provider has specific requirements when it comes to mapping zones and regions. Customise them the way you want to with our tools.

Total Visibility

Break down the freight rate, transit time and CO2 emissions for every service you offer, leg by leg, to gain instant visibility of all your available service options.

Quote with Confidence

Apply margins to any aspect of your quotations, from the entire service down to each individual surcharge.

Negotiate with Knowledge

Calculate quotes anywhere, anytime, to empower your negotiations and your sales team.

Quote to Delivery in a Few Clicks

Stop manually inputting quote information into your TMS and instantly check quotations against invoices.

87 Records Imported

Drag and drop complex supplier rate cards with Intelligent Clipboard®.

Intelligent Clipboard

Drag & Drop

Upload and organise your freight rates instantly.

Get Organised

Our platform configures complex tariffs and rate cards for you.

Start Quoting

Create services and rates tables to produce detailed quotations.

Mapping Tool

Tailored to you

Define local and international regions for your business.

Flexible Mapping

Create regions by postcodes, driving distances or custom zones.

React to Global Events

React quickly to trade embargos or no fly zones by disabling regions with one click.

Customise regions internationally. Exclude countries and regions

Handle complex national regions by postcode, counties, driving distance and time.

Manage local geography, add local uplifts such as congestion charges.

Simple,powerful Origin & Destination selection.

All Feasible shipment sizes, delivery and collection options.

See the freight rate, transit time and CO2 emissions for every service you offer.

Quotation Tool

Total Visibility

Gain instantly visibility of all your available service options, allowing you to compare carriers instantly.

Increase Efficiency

See the freight rate, transit time and CO2 emissions for every service you offer.

Faster Quotes

Create quotes within minutes to win more business.

Margin Manager

Complete Control

Apply margins as a percentage or fixed sum to any aspect of your quotations, from the entire service down to each individual surcharge.

User Permissions

Control which users can apply margins and to what level.

Negotiate with Confidence

Edit margins after quotations have been calculated to ensure you will still make a profit.

Add granular margins to create a list price

Add global or customer specific discount.

Add completely customisable quotation surcharges.

Frequently asked questions

What does it cost?

We charge an implementation fee + monthly user licence fees.

How do we get started?

Watch our short demo video to walk through the key features and see how you can transform the way you manage rates and produce quotes.

What about training?

It takes us less than an hour to train your team to use our intuitive platform. We are always here for any ongoing training needs.

What about support?

We are here to support you 24 hours, 7 days a week.

What if we just quote spot rates?

You will still gain huge benefits from our platform, regardless of the way you quote today. e.g. you can calculate costs for all the rates & surcharges you have, then add the spot freight rate before send the quote - with visibility of all quotes. Find out more by clicking on our demo video below.

What if we already have a platform?

We are so confident in our smart technology that we will produce a free report which shows you how to improve your current processes, independently of our platform.

What if we want new features?

Our product development is customer driven. Tell us what you need and we will add it to our product roadmap.

How long does implementation take?

That will depend on the volume and complexity of your data plus your configuration requirements. If you have 30 rate cards, we would predict 4-6 weeks for implementation.

How does Freightology integrate with our current systems?

We offer multiple integration options to suit your needs, e.g. via API, EDI, .json or .xml file sharing. We will thoroughly investigate what is required and rigorously test the inputs / outputs prior to go-live.

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