About us

Our vision

Our vision is for a Freight & Logistics industry powered by technology that enhances people's capabilities, makes them more efficient, productive, accurate and profitable.

Our mission

Rate management is hard! Our mission is to make it easier for Freight & Logistics providers by synthesising complex pricing information to make quote generation accurate and instant, encompassing every service stage and provider from origin to destination.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to enhance Freight & Logistics professionals - not to replace them - using smart technology; to improve the relationship between Carriers, Freight & Logistics providers and Shippers with more accurate and transparent pricing information; to create a more efficient quoting process.

Our founding team

With nearly a century of combined experience across distribution, freight & logistics and software development, our founding team understands the challenges that freight & logistics providers face and how to solve them with smart technology.

Henry Wilson

Head of Customer Experience

Rich Hildyard

Chief Technology Officer

Gary Bell

Board Chairman

Matthew Mould

Head of Business Development


Sustainability Mission

We believe that we have a duty of care for our planet. Climate change is causing irreversible damage to our environment and global warming is a significant threat to our way of life right now .

The Freight & Logistics industry has an incredible opportunity to be a global leader in sustainability by creating more environmentally friendly, carbon-neutral, supply chains.

Freightology is committed to helping Freight & Logistics providers monitor, reduce and offset the CO2 emissions created by the services they provide. Our CO2 calculator provides an emissions total for each leg of the journey and all modes of transport.

Closely monitoring CO2 emissions is the first step in creating a more sustainable supply chain. Those taking action will benefit considerably, with shippers looking for greener options and prioritising sustainability in their buying decisions.

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