Rate management
is hard

Freightology makes it easier.
Upload Rates, create instant quotes, serve more customers and increase conversion rates using our game changing technology.

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Rated 5/5 by 100 Freight Professionals

BAF: 2%

Quickly capture complex customer requirements.

Select Fastest, Cheapest, Greenest options.

View cost and CO2 impact for each leg of the journey.

Fully customisable customer quotation.

87 Records Imported

Drag and drop complex supplier rate cards with Intelligent Clipboard®.

Granular Margin and Customer Discount Management.

Powerful regionalisation tool.

including distance and duration based pricing

Make it easier with Freightology

Developed by freight professionals, for freight professionals.

Freightology helps you to:


Never leave customers waiting hours for a quote again. Freightology helps you respond to RFQ's in less than 5 mins.


Freightology empowers your team to produce quotes 10 x faster - giving them more time to interact with customers and close more deals.


Freightology enables your team to be the first to respond to a quote - increasing the likelihood of converting that quote by 50%.


Errors made when calculating quotes cost money. Freightology ensures quotes are always calculated accurately and profitably.

Join a growing group of businesses

Experience a huge uplift in productivity by using our platform.

“Using Freightology could save us significant operating cost per year by reducing our overhead resource costs and increasing productivity”

Dean Neville

Managing Director, Ligentia Australia

"We can definitely see how using Freightology will improve our operational efficiency in several areas and allow us to win more business."

Peter Murphy

Director, Action International

"The speed of getting a quote to market with Freightology sets the pace of next generation freight pricing."

Dave Paterson

CEO, Levitate Supply Chain

How it works

Data management

Freightology unifies complex pricing information in one place; from every service stage and provider, from origin to destination.

Instant quote generation

Unified data empowers freight forwarders to produce instant and accurate quotes for their customers.

Intuitive user experience

No more master Excel spreadsheets holding back your team. Simple to use, with support when you need it every step of the way.

Get going fast

Freightology enables you to rapidly connect your pricing & rates data from carriers to our platform.


Capture pricing & rates data from your carriers.


Map global and local geography your way, using our flexible mapping tool.

Start Quoting

Start creating quotes instantly.

Frequently asked questions

What does it cost?

We charge an implementation fee + monthly user licence fees.

How do we get started?

Contact us for an online demo where we will walk you through the key features and see how you can transform the way you manage rates and produce quotes.

What about training?

It takes us less than an hour to train your team to use our intuitive platform. We are always here for any ongoing training needs.

What about support?

We are here to support you 24 hours, 7 days a week.

What if we just quote spot rates?

You will still gain huge benefits from our platform, regardless of the way you quote today. e.g. you can calculate costs for all the rates & surcharges you have, then add the spot freight rate before send the quote - with visibility of all quotes.

What if we already have a platform?

We are so confident in our smart technology that we will produce a free report which shows you how to improve your current processes, independently of our platform.

What if we want new features?

Our product development is customer driven. Tell us what you need and we will add it to our product roadmap.

How long does implementation take?

That will depend on the volume and complexity of your data plus your configuration requirements. If you have 30 rate cards, we would predict 4-6 weeks for implementation.

How does Freightology integrate with our current systems?

We offer multiple integration options to suit your needs, e.g. via API, EDI, .json or .xml file sharing. We will thoroughly investigate what is required and rigorously test the inputs / outputs prior to go-live.

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Book a 30-minute demo with our founder Matthew Mould to find out how Freightology can help you grow your business.

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Henry Wilson


“We founded Freightology to simplify the entire rate management and quoting process for freight providers and shippers.

Freightology is born out of our personal experiences with the archaic quoting process; mountains of rate cards; days spent waiting for a quote to ship goods; and the needless frustration and loss of revenue that this causes.

We believe there must be a better way.

Our platform is designed by freight professionals, for freight professionals - built on a strong understanding of their needs and challenges. We have created a solution that enhances your people and processes – which you can try today.”